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About Me

preventing you from seeing the real you. I look forward to providing a safe environment to give you the opportunity to shed these layers and come back home to yourself, who you truly are. It is my belief that we are multidimensional beings with different stories and histories that bring us together. Mishoga's mission is to offer opportunities for healing on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit. I connect to each client individually and intuitively we walk the path of healing together. We may use the modality of meditation and connect to our voice with chanting, we may do the gentle flow of energy medicine and calming the nervous system with tracing meridians, we may use the elements of healing sound bath that bring beautiful heart opening and healing. It is my belief that when we feel loved enough healing on all levels will happen. I share that love and compassion with each client, creating a safe and peaceful space to support the process of healing. I am here to assist you on your healing journey when you're ready.

The door to my heart is open.

Come as you are.


Thank you for stopping by for a visit. 

Mishoga is a collection of many different practices and beliefs that I have encountered along my trek through life.  I believe that it is not just one type of practice or belief that can be used to help heal ourselves.  Mishoga offers a safe and pure environment to heal and connect with one’s body, mind and spirit by combining a spectrum of techniques from varying practices.   Each experience and practice is tailored to the specific group or individual. Mishoga is here bringing you closer to your heart, your true essence of You, while shedding layers of old behaviors and programs that have been layered on through life and

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

- Rumi

My Offerings

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One on One Reiki Session

Reiki healing session is a hands on energy healing. Light touch of hands is used to allow the wisdom of Reiki and client's intention to work together in balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and spirit.  

60 minutes $77

90 minutes $97

Long Distance Reiki Session

Long distance Reiki healing is a beneficial way to bring peace into body, mind and spirit. 

Schedule your 30 minutes long Reiki healing appointment today! 

30 minutes $33

Mishoga 1:1

Mishoga 1:1 is individually and intuitively based private session. 

90 minutes of Mishoga may encompass: kundalini or hatha yoga, energy medicine, breath work, relaxation with sound bath and meditation. Private sessions are held outdoors in Tree Circle when weather permits.  

90 minutes $27

Tree Circle Meditation

Tree Circle Meditations are group meditations that are held outdoors in the midst of trees. During an inclement of weather meditations are held indoors.

90 minutes meditations may include: mindful movement, dance, energy medicine, relaxation with sound bath and meditation.

90 minutes $17


Alaine Marie Dougherty

"I’ve been assisted on my spiritual journey several times by Mishoga. Misha and her practice enhanced my life from forgiveness and release of past harms to receiving clarity and direction for the future. Every visit was a different experience and helped me step into the next phase of my spiritual awakening."

Deb Whyant 

"Misha is A-MAZ-ING at what she does. Misha is incredibly knowledgeable and unbelievably compassionate. She individualizes each and every visit to you and what you wish to work towards that particular day. Her space exudes comfort, peace, and light. But she will come to you as well if this is better. I had a 1 1/2 hour reiki session with her today and I actually fell asleep… I was that comfortable and at peace. Misha is so welcoming, warm, flexible, intuitive and meets you where you are at in life’s journey. I cannot recommend Misha enough!"

Kristin Kichline Roth

"I have known Misha for many years. It has been a wonderful joy to watch and be a part of her journey into Mishoga. She is kind, caring and always goes the extra mile whether doing a personalized yoga class or a reiki session! I always feel such peace after we have a class together. She always helps me see the positive way of looking at things in life! I recommend Misha and all that she has to offer!'

Coming Soon!

Mishoga Spring Cleanse 2023!

Join the community for Spring cleanse while planting seeds of health & renewal for the new year 2023!

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