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Mishoga background_edited.jpg

About Mishoga


Little by little I was putting the pieces of Mishoga back together, discovering through the process, that all I need was always within me, only the pieces of me were scattered.  I connected to different healing modalities that had made a tremendous impact in my own life, and today through Mishoga I am here to share them with you. 

Namaste and welcome.

My name is Misha Allen and my personal healing journey started twenty-plus years ago from the heart of Europe, my home country of the Czech Republic, all the way to our lovely home in Walnutport, Pa where I live together with my husband Henry, stepdaughter Eme, donkey Pablo, and other various animal friends.

My new home away from home was the fertile ground for my healing business Mishoga to sprout to life.  Living away from my family and my ancestral home for so many years has created beautiful opportunities for healing. I had to reinvent myself and rediscovered my true self by looking at who I am truly deep within. 

Mishoga background_edited.jpg
Mishoga background_edited.jpg

My Approach

I am Usui Reiki Master and I offer energy healing and Reiki attunement classes to my clients. During the first months of Covid, I started my 9 months long journey of Kundalini Yoga teacher training which has taught me valuable lessons about what kind of human and teacher I'd like to be. Leaving the teacher training before its completion taught me one of the biggest lessons in my life. Not finishing something to its completion was my first and finding peace in that was part of my self-love and self-compassion practice. I discovered my own wisdom, my own voice, my intuition, and the voice of Mishoga was born to live.

I connect to each client individually and intuitively we walk the path of healing together. We may use the modality of meditation and connect to our voice with chanting, we may do the gentle flow of energy medicine and calm the nervous system with tracing meridians, we may use the elements of healing sound bath that bring beautiful heart opening and healing. It is my belief that when we feel loved enough healing on all levels will happen. I share that love and compassion with each client, creating a safe and peaceful space to support the process of healing. 

The door to my heart is open.

Come as you are.

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