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  • Sound Bath Workshop
    Sun, Jun 11
    Jun 11, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM
    Coopersburg, 21 N Main St, Coopersburg, PA 18036, USA

“The more you eat, the less flavor;
the less you eat, the more flavor.”

~Chinese Proverb~

Are you aware of how your food choices are an expression of your emotions? How much of your day is occupied by thinking about food? I invite you to join the Mishoga community and use the power of our minds and set the intention each day of our Spring Cleanse.

Our mind complements our body and our body complements our mind!  When we mindfully move our body and make healthy decisions for our body, our mind & body responds positively. 

Our bodies carry wisdom of self-healing and self-balancing.  We just need to reestablish our relationship and tune-in to our being.  Let’s start communicating with our body and decide that being healthy means treating our body with love and respect.

I invite you to use the power of your mind today to tune-into the vibration of your body and decide YOU want your body to be healthy.

Why do we need to cleanse?

Our bodies cleanse, detoxify and heal imbalances all day long. It’s our human design. But our modern lifestyle overloads these built-in corrective processes.

Restaurant dining, take-out food, late-night meals, and unhealthy beverages stress our natural cleansing systems.

Add to that our consumption of caffeine and medications in an environment filled with dirty air, impure water, and invisible chemicals, and it is clear we’re making more demands of our bodies’ detoxification and healing systems than they can handle. People may get by day-to-day, but they don’t flourish.  Over time, toxins build up in the body and the results can be small imbalances like aches, allergies, poor digestion, and weight gain. Or even an ongoing sense of fatigue.

Humans have used cleansing and detoxing as a pillar of health for thousands of years, long before processed foods, environmental impurities and daily mental stress were the norm.

Optimum health practices all promote regular periods of gentle cleansing to ensure longevity, vitality, and a healthy & harmonious state of mind.

Today, juice cleanses and other detox programs are being rediscovered by millions of people who want to energize their bodies, look and feel younger and be more resistant to disease.

Most cleanse programs are 3-10 days which help to clear out waste products on a temporary basis but don’t make lasting internal changes. This 14-day long cleanse gives opportunity to make long-term changes in diet and food choices that will enhance both  longevity and quality of life.

It is designed to help cleanse the colon, small intestine, liver, kidneys, spleen, lymph nodes, and blood and at the same time decrease cholesterol and triglycerides, stabilize blood sugar, lower blood sugar, decrease candida (yeast), decrease mucous, eliminate toxins and simultaneously rehydrate the cells and create tissue rejuvenation. Not to mention the amazing opportunity for us to go deeper into our chakras (energy centers) and heal our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies while taking care of our physical beings. Many health benefits are experienced from this program. 

This, Spring Mishoga is introducing a brand-new direction for this cleanse. 

This time the theme of our cleanse will focus on balancing glucose in our bodies.

Pumpkin Soup

Now, let’s take a long deep breath together and begin!

Welcome to the 14 days of transformative journey of cleansing and balancing our blood sugar during this spring season.  I am honored to be sharing the blessing of Mishoga Spring Cleanse with you.  This cleanse has been inspired by “Glucose Revolution” book by Jesse Inchauspe and book called "Explore Your Chakras" by Sheetal Contractor and throughout our time together, I will incorporate these books in our cleanse.  I recommend getting these books as they will help support those who decide to join our cleanse but are not a requirement to participate.  Both are helpful guides that you can revisit anytime. If you're experiencing the effects of high blood sugar, I encourage you to try this spring cleanse and discover all the benefits that may come.

The sacred time of new growth and renewal is here!

Spring gives us the opportunity to plant seeds of our dreams and desires for the year ahead of us. The Mother Earth, with its beings of animal and plant kingdom, is opening her arms with sprouting abundance of new life. And she is also inviting us, humans, to open our hearts to new possibilities of creation in our own lives as well as all around us.

The question at hand is: “What seeds do we want to plant and grow within us and what do we want to harvest in our life?”

Why balancing glucose?

Jesse Inchauspe states that 90 % of us suffer from too much glucose in our system and most of us don’t know it. Glucose, or blood sugar, is a tiny molecule in our body that has a huge impact on our health. It enters our bloodstream through the starchy or sweet foods we eat. What are the symptoms of having too much glucose? Cravings, fatigue, infertility, hormonal issues, acne, wrinkles… and overtime the development of conditions like type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, cancer, dementia, and heart disease, informs Inchauspe.

But don’t fret! It is never too late to plant new seeds of balancing glucose for overall health!

Thanksgiving Dinner

Is this cleanse for you?

Let me ask you...

“What will be your intention for this cleanse?”

Is your intention to lose some excess weight while balancing your blood sugar? 

Is your goal to develop a healthier relationship with yourself, food, and eating?

Or would you like to learn more about how to manage your sugar cravings and go deeper within yourself to heal and grow through this experience?

Are you looking to connect to community during these times of transformation on Earth while sharing and healing together?

All this and more can be your cleanse.



~Cleanse Offering Includes~


14 days of support through this cleanse journey, daily posts of inspiration, food & drink recipes, videos of yoga, meditation, energy medicine, glucose balancing tips and the opportunity to connect to like-minded people that join the cleanse. 

Below is what is included with the cleanse:

  • 5$ gift card from Healthy Alternatives: health food store in Trexlertown

  • 1 loose tea from Wild Herb Farm located in Nazareth (your choice)

  • 1 seed packet 

  • 1 compostable planter cup

  • 1 packet of soil for planting

  • 1 manifestation candle charged with Reiki to support planting of your seeds

  • 1 packet of TianDe Detoxification Foot Patch Master Herb (2 patches)

  • 1 packet of rose petals

All attendants will receive an electronic version of this Cleanse Manual via email.

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